Melissa Joy Molin
1994 - 2016


Soccer Comes To Glenbrooke!

In November of 2020 The Glenbrooke Outdoor Sports Center received a $50,000 donation to build a soccer field where the lower three tennis courts have been located since the 1970s. An additional 40 feet of adjacent land will be used to extend the length of the soccer field. The top 4 tennis courts will continue to be home to Glenbrooke’s very successful tennis programs and teams.

This very generous donation has been made by the Molin Family in memory of Melissa Joy Molin. Melissa enjoyed playing soccer and swimming. 

Our new field was named and dedicated “The Melissa Joy Molin Memorial Soccer Field“ in June of 2021.


What's in Store for Soccer at Glenbrooke

2024 Soccer Program:

All Ages:     1:00-2:00


Players will be split up by age and work with  instructors to play games that work on beginning ball skills, shooting, along with other drills. All participants are guaranteed to have a blast, while developing soccer skills and sportsmanship! Players will also partake in scrimmages to improve game play.

The Soccer Program will be coaches by Fred Parker and Sean Hurley.

Fred has been a soccer player his whole life and been coaching for years. He is currently the Head Varsity Girls Soccer Coach at East Hartford High School.

Sean Hurley has been a soccer player his whole life including playing for the Eastern Connecticut State University Soccer Team. He is currently a Physical Education teacher in East Hartford.

Both coaches have a wide experience with soccer and working with kids, and are sure to continue to bring the energy to Glenbrooke EVERY DAY!


Each player is to bring to each class:


Soccer Ball


Water Bottle


Shin Guards






Spray-on Sunscreen